Are You Considering Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters were traditionally made out of timber. At times they are referred to as louvres, but there is a technical difference between them. Traditionally louvres are immoveable, as compared to shutters which have blades you can adjust to allow in less or more light into a room.

Plantation shutters these days may be made out of almost any kind of material you can imagine. Although they were manufactured traditionally from hardwoods that are found in the U.S, advancements within manufacturing technology have created many variations for the current day. For this guide, we have narrowed things down to the four main types that are the most commonly found. They are:

  • Basswood, a very durable and strong soft timber. Lime timber is another name for it.
  • Poplar, a very brittle and hard timber, that is used in furniture commonly.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, is used widely as a synthetic polymer.
  • Aluminum, a very durable and strong metal, that is used widely due to its corrosion resistance

In order to come up with the best solution for your home, you need to think about what kinds of conditions your plantation shutters may be exposed to. On top of that, theĀ Cost of Plantation Shutters Sydney will vary based on the material you select, particularly a material like Red Cedar, which is seen as a premium material.

Types Of Plantation Shutter Mounting Frames

There are two different ways that shutters may be mounted, either outside of the window frame or inside of a window frame.

Inside Mount

An inside mount frame directly attaches to the inner part of a window opening. If you would like your shutters mounted inside of the window frame, then you will have to check to ensure that your windows are square and there is enough clearance space in between the shutters and window hardware. Without a sufficient amount of clearance space, your shutters may not properly open and shut. Take the time to inspect all around the windows very carefully. Are there any latches, handles, tilt-in window cranks or alarms? If so, it isn’t the right style and an outside mount frame will need to be used.

Outside Mount

This type of frame gets mounted to the outside of a window frame and directly attached to a wall. The frame and window are completely covered by outside mount frames.

Select The Right Frame

After you have decided whether or not to mount your new shutters on the outside or inside of the window frame, the next thing you need to do is decide which type of frame will look the best. There are 6 styles of Eclipse plantation shutters that are available:

Z Frame (inside mount): This is a kind of decorative frame that goes well with all kinds of trim. Great for windows that are slightly off square due to the fact that the extended flange can cover up any imperfections there might be.

Deluxe Trim Frame (inside mount): This is the most decorative, largest frame used for an inside mount in an opening with a drywall return and no trim. Can be ordered so that the bottom has a Sill Frame for window sill openings.

Trim Frame (inside mount): This is a type of decorative frame that is only used with inside mounts in an opening with a drywall return and no trim. Can be ordered with a bottom Sill Frame for window sill openings.

L Frame (outside or inside mount): This functional frame can be used on an outside mount right on beside trim or right on top of trim or on an inside mount with a square window opening. The L frame may be used with an inside mount if there is decorative trim already that you don’t want covered up.

Decorative/Casing Sill L Frame (outside or inside mount): A decorative smaller frame that may be used as well as a stand alone frame. The case sill can be used instead of an L Frame in both outside and inside mounting applications.

Casing Frame (outside mount): This decorative frame may be used for covering existing trim. You installed it into the wall directly and it is only an outside mount.

Plantation shutters can extend further away from a window or lie very close to it. The clearance between the shutter and window is important; if it is too narrow then then shutters won’t be able to rotate open completely. A shutter sample kit can be used to check this, which include both outside and inside mount frames along with a sample panel that has a tilt bar. If you set up a sample panel and it meets resistance when you open, then you need a deeper projection or outside mount frame.

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

A chic finished is added to your outdoor or indoor living space by Aluminum Plantation Shutters.

They offer a great feeling of seclusion and help with regulating the light that enters your house.

Aluminium Plantation Shutters are excellent for rooms needing extra privacy.

Outdoor areas can be completely secured using locking systems. Select from bi-folding, swinging or sliding Aluminum Plantation Shutters depending on which suits your needs the best.

Aluminium plantations are becoming very popular in the newer style alfresco areas and the fit nicely on brick pillars of newer style homes to create an amazing well shaded outdoor living space.

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